We are RevitUp & we offer:
Revenue Management
Performance Marketing
Digital Presence Management
Online Distribution & Sales for Hotel Businesses

Revitup 24/7: Monitoring Data, Strategy & Sales


What we do 

We offer services & consulting on Big Data Marketing & Revenue Management for Hotel Businesses.   

For more than a decade we support teamwork, trust, ethics and a fully transparent model, along with confidentiality and problem solving.  


Our model is based on five principles

I. supporting the hotel owner’s core product, online strategy & brand loyalty, 

II. providing full data view, reporting and reply-to-their-everyday-questions, 

III. cooperating with a high skilled & well-trusted team,  

IV. saving time for hotel management, plus a value-for-money 360 degrees service,  

V. working for the future, being happy!  



RevitUp Approach

In Revitup we follow a win-win mentality, in which the Hotel Management/Ownership is not stressed with daily tasks related to marketing & sales planning. Especially during the high season, when the management has to focus on customer service inside the business, there is a team that execute the Sales Plan and makes necessary changes, constantly.  


Big Data management for hospitality businesses  

With our Services’ Package Contract, we stand 100%, 24/7 by our customer’s side. We provide full data reporting, annual strategy planning, policies, tactics and everything a hotel business needs. Why? because we just love our work. 

Moreover, after the first year of our cooperation we offer additional services, assisting hotel owners directly on the development or even succession of their business. We fully support our clients' decisions and work for them, not us. Our model works- for real.  

RevitUp Service

Future is NOW