Revenue management at its best!

RevitUp Yield & Revenue Management team relies on decades of expertise and has the know-how, the experience and means to maximise your hotel’s profitability. In response to a modern-day market need, we developed innovative software that collects and decodes an exceedingly large volume of information and data so that we can quickly and easily understand market trends and adapt our policy accordingly to guarantee outperformance.

RevitUp Service
Digital Presence Management

Digital Presence

If the internet image of your hotel were a tree, your official website would be its trunk. We make sure it has all the features necessary to maximise direct bookings. These days, travellers will also visit other sites that host your digital presence, such as OTAs, Tripadvisor, HolidayCheck, social media, etc., before forming a conclusive opinion. RevitUp makes sure your hotel’s image is as close to reality as possible in each version of its digital projection and in a way that will be most helpful to potential customers. We place your hotel on the digital market and enhance its brand image!

Performance Marketing


The collection and processing of a large quantity of data with innovative tools allows us to help your potential customers every step of the way - from the moment they begin to dream about their holiday to making the booking. We let no detail fall through the cracks; we analyse the data, we identify and highlight modern needs, we use predictive models and efficiently invest every euro of your advertising budget in a completely measurable manner. We methodically maximise the potential of an online sale, following examples of successful practices and developing specific techniques. An extensive collection of reports is available to you each month so that you can review everything we produce with absolute transparency.

Online Distribution


We will distribute the prices on all online channels that we jointly decide are relevant and will take on the responsibility for selling all your available rooms at the appropriate price and in the manner that is most appealing to potential customers. Our team carries out this process with dedication and readiness throughout the year.

Revenue Management


RevitUp eSales team is constantly watching all the new digital trends in order to bring reliable solutions to the table that guarantee results, including:

  • Defining and adopting the correct Market Segmentation for your hotel;
  • Optimising and adding new revenue channels to increase demand (Online Revenue Optimisation);
  • Increasing revenues through Demand Leveraging;
  • Optimising Direct Online Bookings;
  • Developing Dynamic Pricing Strategies;
  • Effective Price Level Structuring.

Together, we develop the online sales strategy you envision and, if you so desire, we bring a new culture in your hotel management team to allow for jointly taking dynamic and flexible decisions for pricing and revenue management.

Strategize, Implement, Outperform... Repeat!